This series of drawings reflect the Artist's observations of the contradictions in the world us, our 'everyday'. Some of the images may offend, for example a scene of domestic violence, another of an animal locked in a crate destined for slaughter or a plate of cocktail sausages, the fat little pieces of piglet pricked with a stick. Other drawings convey a sense of unease, a landline telephone handset lying upended on a mussed carpet, one drawing is simply shards of broken glass on bare floorboards. 

All of the drawings have been created with cheap black biros which contrast with the rich artist quality canvas textured paper. 

The images and themes addressed in this exhibition are designed to cause the viewer to ponder and consider, however, there is also a reassuring uniformity and accessibility in the presentation and size of each work combined with a tangible beauty

A room in the Cross Block, Dublin Castle

A vase of flowers, an arch, wafting smoke from a cigarette, 420 x 297mm

A bar scene, empty, 420 x 297mm

A jam jar of flowers on a rough wooden table, 420 x 297mm