Titled 'Glissando', Eve Parnell's collection of handmade from recycled fabric, cats in various poses, apparently asleep have been given the freedom of the Cathedral. Listed as No. 21 of 27 Installations, in the accompanying catalogue, Eve's work is unique in that the sculptures are not static, they could be anywhere at any time in the historic Cathedral

From the Artist's statement about her work: 

Colourful, some patched, some in sober colours, a selection of cats have found their way to comfortable spots around the Cathedral where they may appear to be sleeping but are, in fact, ready to pounce! This simple installation appears playful however these soft sculptures acknowledge the long history between humans and cats. Examples of their bravery are recorded during WW2, from being companions to military personnel to receiving the Highest Honour for Animal Military Gallantry. More recently, as we have endured the restrictions and lockdowns of the covid19 pandemic, these furry friends offer us their wisdom, enhancing and enriching our lives with their presence